Instructed in various Yukon Community Schools, Artist in School Program since 1885, Arts Edventure Program with Department of Education, Summer Art Classes and since 1976, numerous classes for adults including Fairview, Alberta. Talk to me about possible tutoring/mentoring. In the digital world, we  can do it long distance.

Zen of Watercolours: Art is not meant to be a struggle by Lillian Loponen
Number in class: 6-8 (maximum of 10)
Price: $150/person (does not include travelling expenses out of Yukon)
Hours: 8 hours divided up into agreeable possible segments of hours

The instructor carries with her, over 40-years of working with watercolours. This watercolour course takes the student on a fun adventure in exploring the media of watercolour techniques, imaging, design concepts over a period of 8 hours.

Artist is flexible to travel to different parts of the world.

Zen of Watercolour workshop includes:

A. Exploring watercolours.
The student is gently taken away from traditional preconceived ideas of what art is and taken into imaging and design in an intuitive way, to change perspective on what is creativity. No art skills are necessary and no drawing required. Talk about materials.

B. How to really see and feel what to paint.
Various ‘training wheels’ will be provided to ease you into the creative process from start to finish. With practise exercises, one will see how creative choices are made in converting 3D images into 2D, simplifying distracting detail and possibly creating a simplified impression. “How can watercolours bring out the essence of my theme or subject whether representation or conceptual?”. Layering technique.

C. What elements make a composition
Practice exercises are given in design elements of colour, movement, shapes, textures, lines, rhythm and more. The final product is a cropped view of your work suitable for exhibition, art card, journal book cover etc.

D. Troubleshooting
Slide presentation: Have a look at various watercolour styles. Critique evening. Bring some of your troubled works, if any.

Artist will supply: (pay by donation)
watercolour paper
brushes for watercolours
watercolours in tubes (red, blue, yellow, brown, black) Preferably Cotman

Participant supplies: (or bring your own brushes and paint)
mixing trays or plastic egg cartons, 3 water containers, rags, access to water, hair dryer

Instructor will provide masking fluid, wax resist, other support materials and visual presentation products.