Solo Exhibit

FOOT STEPS IN THE SNOW an experiential immersion into the intangible and tangible worlds of the Yukon winter environment.

Yukon Art Center April 19, 2007
About the Exhibit
One walks into a winter world of colour, light, shape, movement, and sound complementing the haunting energies faced in the solitude of winter’s ice fog, whiteouts and low lighting. The thoughts of Homer, Turner and Monet on atmospheric perspective resonate with the works.

Footsteps in the Snow, solo art exhibit by Lillian Loponen from Lillian Loponen on Vimeo.

Large mural acrylic originals installed around the gallery room, accompanied with short journal writings, surround the viewer in a quiet power of the land. Sound clips of the Saami vibrational tonal chants fade into selected pieces from Swan of Tuonela composed by the Finnish composer, Sibelius, and are heard with headsets located in the central sitting area; four head sets with four seats surrounding the kiosk; snowy white cushions suggesting sitting in a snowbank.

The central installation of eight vertical and narrow plexi panels rotate with the flow of circulating air; shapes sandblasted on the plexi panels cast reflections and shadows on the floor, teasing the viewers’ imagination of spirit energies dancing in its environment.

The central white seating area around the kiosk is where one gets glimpses of the surrounding environmental images, listen to the haunting music and lose a sense of time and self with the reflections and shadows cast on the floor. An illusive mukluk of white hide will give form to beadwork located in the plexi dome atop the central kiosk; a tangible but elusive symbol of a spirit walk of Footsteps in the Snow.

Raymond Loponen: Music mix, master and sound engineering : Justin Stephenson senior Creative Director and Producer; DVD Footsteps in the Snow
Yukon Advanced Artist Award with Yukon Lotteries Commisssion
Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Residency
Audrey (Loponen) and Frank Dougall
Ackerman Computer Sciences: Orlando Florida
Martin Berkman: videographer and photographer

Music Production by Lillian Loponen
Mixed and Mastered by Raymond Loponen; clips from:
Beaivi, Ahcazan CD: Esa Kotilainen, Nils-Aslakvalkeapaa
EMI Classics: Sibelius, Swans of Tuonela and other clips with Helsinki
Pilharmonic Orchestra and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
“Winter In Moscow” CD by Mara Boine, Inna Zhelannaya, Sergey Starosti,
Track 7, Roahkkadit Rohtte Loudi, Manazan

Thanks go to my son Shawn, Carla, Eija and Tajo Stephenson who drove from Interior BC to attend the opening, April 19 2007.
My son Chris and Hiroko who flew in from BC.
My brother and Angela flying in from Ontario to attend the opening.

My oldest son, Justin, the creative director for the video trailer.